Frank Webb’s Watercolor Workshop Materials List

Message from Frank Webb: I use these materials.  Most of them may be substituted or eliminated.  Please do not think that you need to buy new materials.  Your regular choice of colors and instruments are acceptable.

Paper:  140# cold press such as Arches, Artistico, Winsor Newton, or Waterford.

Color:  My basic palette includes the following bright colors:

Cobalt blue, Perm rose, Quinacridone gold, Alizarin crimson, Phthalo green, Cadmium orange, Aureolin, Viridian, Cadmium scarlet, Ultramarine blue, Cerulean blue, Phthalo blue, Gamboge.

Sometimes I use additional colors:  Paynes Gray, Hookers Green, Quin. burnt orange

Palette:  Webb palette (available from Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff 800 227-2788)  Other popular and professional palettes are: the John Pike, the Robert E. Wood. the Skip Lawrence or the Cheap Joe.

Brushes:  I use the following size flats: 2”, 1 1/2”,  1”,  3/4”, and 1/2”.   I suggest the inexpensive synthetic type, but you may prefer ox hair, sable, or sableine.  Add to these some round pointed brushes.  I also like the Webb Liner in sizes 8 and 12.  They are available from Cheap Joe.

Miscellaneous:  A Masonite board cut to the size your paper, four bulldog clips, a cellulose sponge, and paper towels.  Bring drawings, photos, or old paintings which you might wish to redesign. To design your painting before painting bring sketch paper and a soft graphite pencil (6B).

Attitude:  Most importantly, bring your sense of search, for art is one of the grand inquiries.  Finished paintings are less important than process and the encounter with like minded  associates.  Expect to make new friends.

If you wish to become aquainted with Frank Webb’s teaching go to and check forms offering several DVDs and a book.

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